App screen designs
App screen designs

As we’re stuck in our homes during these unprecedented times™ [insert corona trademark here] and with no definite light at the end of the tunnel, dating app companies embark on a journey of improving how we date online. With Tinder and Hinge rolling out in-app video calls and Bumble launching virtual quiz-like games, it feels like we still have a long way to go to improve our collective love culture.

Photo by Alexander Grigoryev on Unsplash

Recently I’ve been feeling like the world is a game of power. Not only in politics between the rich and the mighty, not only in traditional verticals at work, but also with our nearest and dearest — romantic relationships, friendships and family members.

It feels as if everyone wants things to go their way and others to follow, holding it against each other whether we find time to call or meet up, how strongly we feel, how much we invest… We feel entitled to special treatment, because we know we’re a friend, a parent, a partner, a spouse. We use…

A man sitting at the beach looking at the sea, the sun is setting
A man sitting at the beach looking at the sea, the sun is setting
Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash

Have you been feeling worn out lately? Has your work become a burden? Are you reconsidering your life values and asking yourself: what the heck am I doing with my life?…

In the book ‘The 100-Year Life’ Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott claim that an average life expectancy of a person will stretch to 100 years, retirement is going to be postponed for at least a few (dozen?) years. We will have a multi-stage life and will pivot from the old three-stage idea of education-work-retirement.

Instead, we will be choosing our own milestones, have multiple career changes and demand more…

Haha, a ‘crone’ and a ‘human fungus’ made me laugh. This resonates with me so much – and I’m 30. Maybe it’s just the times we’re living in?...

A young woman working at her laptop
A young woman working at her laptop
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If you’re looking to gain more control over your lifestyle and your career development, getting into freelancing could be a great place to start.

When I first moved to London after graduation, I had to face the problem that all young professionals face these days: I couldn’t find a job. Stuck in a perpetually vicious cycle ‘we are looking for someone with experience’ — stressed, desperate and full of doubt, I had to turn to my last resort: freelancing.

Working for myself turned out to be, quite literally, a saving grace. Although it was a giant leap in terms of…

A Japanese-style teapot and a cup with a green tea
A Japanese-style teapot and a cup with a green tea
Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

I’m on a third hot drink and, maybe, a tenth-ish biscuit, staring at my laptop pretending to be getting ready to write.

I’ve spent half a day texting my friends, browsing the infinite web, and reading random CNN news about some quasi-Nigerian-Prince type of fraud. It’s Thursday and I was supposed to start writing on Monday.

The lines you’re reading are the first ones today. Except… of course, for the lines of text messages I’ve pestered my friends with — they clearly have better self-control and are currently doing some actual work at their “normal jobs”. Do they?

Feeling like…

Header image with snippets from the branding guide
Header image with snippets from the branding guide

In this blog post I am going to talk about the process of ideation, conceptualisation, branding and early-stage product development.

I am going to talk about my work at a Vancouver-based proptech startup, whose goal was to improve rental and property management processes, digitalise and optimise legal agreements and other documentation, as well as to create a better communication system for all the parties involved, such as tenants, property owners, property managers and service providers/vendors (electricians, plumbers, handyworkers, etc.).

Product Placement

Conveniently located in the same time zone as the Silicon Valley capital San Francisco, Vancouver is up-and-coming and becoming an attractive target to startup companies, investors and other businesses — combining the luxuries of a big city and beautiful nature surroundings.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

If you are on a journey of launching your startup or looking for some business ideas, you might want to have a look at some tips from one of the most successful leaders of our time — the founder and CEO of Octopus Energy Greg Jackson.

At the end of last year, right before we all got locked up in our homes, I had a chance to attend an event full of curious insights into entrepreneurship and leadership from Greg Jackson. …

A collection of designs from different projects
A collection of designs from different projects

Have you ever noticed feeling down just by thinking about turning your computer on? Have you ever felt anxious starting a new project? Or felt like nobody understands your “creative genius”?

Remember how you used to feel excited each time you heard the word design? Or that spark in your eyes, getting reflected off of the screen of your laptop, enough to light up the whole coffee shop you’ve hidden yourself in? How you’d get inspired checking that Behance project out, utterly confident you’ll create something as slick as that one, or even better? — Oh, you sassy little thing…

The goal of this assignment was to redesign the ‘Log’ screen in order to help the users create a habit of logging on a daily basis and increasing the ‘App Session and Log/Memo Saved’ conversion rate from 40% to 80%.

Today I am going to talk about my process of re-designing the main screen of the moods and hormone cycle tracking app. This was a part of the design assignment during the interviewing process for a femtech startup.

This post could be useful for founders and entrepreneurs wanting to launch or improve their product, and digital/product designers wanting to have a glimpse into another designer’s thinking process.

Defining the problem

Only 40% of the users log their information on a daily basis

Potential reason

After downloading and testing the app, I had a feeling that the current log screen had too many options and scales. Having to fill them in felt tedious, it also felt like a…

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